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Get an App Store Optimization (ASO) Audit from Mmhtechnologies.com

ASO is the process of optimizing apps and app store pages for the app store. Pretty clear, right? It serves to increase the visibility of your app based on a ranking factor determined by the App Store algorithm. A higher ranking leads to a higher search presence, which in turn leads to more organic downloads.

And ASO doesn’t just increase your app’s visibility in the app store. Also, when a user goes to an app store page, that page is optimized to encourage them to download your app. Whether it’s an impressive screenshot from the App Store, an informative video from the App Store that shows the best features of your app, or a comprehensive use of all available features, ASO encourages visitors to convert at every stage of the user journey.

ASO will help you increase:

App downloads
Conversion rate
App discoverability
App revenue
App rank
App reviews
Higher app ratings

You see that Calm appears in the #1 spot for the keyword “meditation”, so you install it. Calm has had to work hard on its icon, name, app description, screenshots, and reviews to get there. This is ASO.

No ads, no pop-ups, no invasive marketing. You just found and installed Calm because someone optimized their app offering.

The likelihood is that you’ll only ever download an app that appears near the top of the search results, which is why ASO is so important.

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